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Transit Planning

The Transit Development Program

The Transit Development Program (TDP) is developed on a yearly basis by Eastgate Regional Council of Governments with collaboration from local transit systems to document ongoing transit planning activities in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. The TDP covers a five year planning horizon and identifies future transit capital improvements, fare structures, yearly transit ridership data, and transit changes that affect the Western Reserve Transit Authority (WRTA) and the Trumbull Transit System (TTS). Eastgate utilizes the TDP as a short range planning mechanism to identify capital improvement projects for programming future federal, state and local funding in Eastgate’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the State TIP.

The TDP also gives an overview of Eastgate’s bi-state urbanized area often referred to as the Youngstown OH-PA urbanized area. Federal transit allocations for urbanized areas are distributed within urban boundaries. The bi-state urbanized area funding allocations are split on a yearly basis, between the transit systems operating in the urban area. The TDP report only describes the Ohio transit systems operating in the urbanized area. Transit services in the Pennsylvania portion of the urbanized area are provided by the Shenango Valley Shuttle Service (SVSS). The SVSS transit planning activities are programmed through the Mercer County Council of Governments, the Mercer County Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission.

The TDP report is also available in CD and paper format by contacting Eastgate.

Eastgate's FY 2017-2021 TDP Final

Transit Security Reassessment

Eastgate's FY 2016-2020 TDP Final

Pedestrian Accessibility on Fixed Route Service Summary

Transit Demographic Interactive Map

WRTA - FTA Section 5310 Approved Program Management Plan

TCTB - FTA Section 5310 Approved Program Management Plan 


Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan

The Coordinated Public Transit – Human Service Transportation Plan for Mahoning County, Ohio and Mercer County, Pennsylvania was finalized in December 2016 by the Western Reserve Transit Authority. The locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan often referred to as the “coordinated transit plan” identifies the transportation mobility needs of individuals with disabilities, seniors, low income individuals, and veterans.
In bi-state urban areas where multiple designated recipients exist, there may be multiple plans and each designated recipient is responsible to decide locally how the coordinated transit plan will be developed or updated. In the Youngstown OH-PA urbanized area there are three designated recipients that receive funding under Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5310 Program.  The three designated recipients operating in the bi-state urban area are the Western Reserve Transit Authority, Trumbull County Transit Board, and the City of Sharon.
In 2008, the previous coordinated transit plan was a bi-state transit plan that included the multiple designated recipients of transit funding for Mahoning and Trumbull Counties in Ohio, and Mercer County in Pennsylvania. To better address the specific needs of Trumbull County, the Trumbull County Transit Board decided to develop a separate coordinated transit plan for Trumbull County.  

Link: Coordinated Public Transit Human Service Transportation Plan

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