Watershed Planning

Because water defies political boundaries and follows the topography of the land, Eastgate understands the need to approach water quality issues and solutions from a watershed standpoint. Our water quality program offers a collaborative approach to educate our region’s members and residents about the importance of improving local water quality, managing stormwater, and protecting our surface drinking water resources.

Eastgate coordinates and manages efforts for many water quality initiatives, studies and committees. Eastgate has been successful collaborating with local governments, agencies, and watershed groups to complete and implementing watershed action plans, conducting stream assessments, and developing green infrastructure workshops for our members.

Green Infrastructure Workshops

From time to time, Eastgate hosts stormwater workshops centered on the use of Green Infrastructure for our member communities. The use of Green Infrastructure to manage stormwater is not a new concept, but is slowly making its way into the Mahoning Valley. As more member communities are challenged with addressing the water quality side of stormwater, green infrastructure provides a healthy alternative to traditional engineering. Previous presentations can be viewed or downloaded here.

Stream Monitoring