Distracted Driving in the Mahoning Valley

Jul 27, 2017

Buckle Up Phone Down


Distracted Driving in the Mahoning Valley

Eastgate began a study of distracted driving in October of 2015. Through this study, Eastgate hoped to collect data that could assist the education and enforcement that our local Safe Communities groups work toward. Eastgate staff developed a field methodology for recording instances of distracted driving at specified locations during a two-hour period.


May 2016 - Distracted Driving Study Cover Page

Click here to see the full report that was released in May of 2016. The report includes the data from the first 8 locations studied.



Keeping the Ball Rolling

Eastgate is continuing to collect more data, from more places and times. Four additional locations were studied in the Spring of 2017 and fact sheets were created to display the data for each location as well as the full data collected so far. Eastgate plans to study four more locations this fiscal year.


2017 Distracted Driving Fact Sheets Cover Page

Click here to view the fact sheets.





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