Yellow Creek Watershed Stormwater Sign Unveiling

Sep 11, 2017

OEEF-Yellow Creek Sign
Project collaborators pictured (from left the right): Mr. Dave Purins, Principal at Poland Middle School/McKinley Elementary; Mr. John Woolard, Stormwater Administrator for the Mahoning County Engineer's Office; Mayor Tim Sicafuse, Poland Village Mayor; Mr. Dave Janofa, Superintendent of Poland Local School District; Mr. Ryan Tekac, Director of Environmental Health at the Mahoning County District Board of Health; Ms. Lisa Iberis, Assistant Principal at Poland Middle School/McKinley Elementary; Ms. Stephanie Dyer, Environmental Program Manager at Eastgate; Ms. Joanne Wollet, Poland Township Trustee; and Ms. Elinor Zedaker, Chairwoman of the Poland Municipal Forest Board.


The Yellow Creek Watershed Stormwater Education Sign project, "You are Here: A Snapshot of the Yellow Creek Watershed", ended on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 with the unveiling of a sign at Poland Village Hall.  The last and final sign for the project was held off until Tuesday to bring the project full circle to Village Hall where the stormwater education conversation began.  Yellow Creek was flowing steadily in the background, as Eastgate's Stephanie Dyer thanked everyone for the tremendous amount of time and effort spent collaborating with Eastgate and one another. A special thanks to collaborator Mill Creek MetroParks for designing the permanent sign design as well as to Poland High School's Multimedia Production Teacher, Mr. Patrick Williams, and McKinley Middle School's Science Teacher, Mr. Ken Cullar for their participation/involvement in the project! This project will help present and future Yellow Creek residents and students understand stormwater and the changing dynamics of Yellow Creek and its surrounding land uses.

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