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Conference Room Amenities


Reservation Details

Our conference room is available to any of Eastgate's Member Communities that would like to utilize the space for meetings, training sessions, workshops, or other events.

Features of the room include:
  • Max capacity of 84 seats
  • Tables available upon request
  • 2 HD projectors and screens
  • Podium with microphone
  • 1 handheld microphone and 2 lapel microphones
  • 6 speaker audio system
To view a layout of the room click here

For additional details and to inquire about reserving the space, please contact Lisa Pompeo

Our Brand

We ask if you are using our branding on any materials that you follow the guidelines and use the files that are made available below. If you have any questions about using our brand, feel free to contact us.

Brand Guidelines

Please adhere to the following rules when referencing our agency or using our logo in any materials or communications that you are creating:

  • When referencing the agency, please use the full name of the agency as such: "Eastgate Regional Council of Governments". In longer documents, where our agency may be referenced multiple times, use the full agency name initially and then the abbreviation "Eastgate" may be used for subsequent references.
  • Only use the official logos provided on Eastgate's "Tool & Resources" web page. Do not copy and paste from another document or scan a printed copy of the logo.
  • Do not alter the logo in any way. This includes changing the colors, text position, shape, font, etc. If the logos that we provide do not work for the specific application you need them for, please let us know and we can resolve any of those issues.
  • The logo must contain both the icon and the text. When using the logo as an image, neither should be used in isolation.
  • The logo should be clearly identifiable and legible in all applications, meaning, it should not be too small or overlaid on an image or background color that prevents the viewer from observing the logo as it is intended.
  • When referencing Eastgate on Social Media, please link to our pages in your post

Official Eastgate Logos

To download a .jpg image file click on a logo below to open the image in a new tab, then right click and select "Save As".


Eastgate - Horizontal