About Eastgate

Eastgate Regional Council of Governments is a voluntary association of local governments in Northeast Ohio, Ashtabula County, Mahoning County, Trumbull County, and all cities, villages, and townships in the counties are members. Although our members are unique, they share many common interests. Eastgate brings communities together to create a unified voice in areas such as transportation, water and air quality, land use planning, and local infrastructure projects.

Eastgate is directly responsible for a variety of federal, state, and local planning and project implementation programs. As a Metropolitan Planning Organization, an Area wide Water Quality Management Agency, an Economic Development District, and an Appalachian Regional Commission Local Development District, Eastgate continues to maintain required certifications and planning documents to qualify the region for federal and state funding.

Eastgate Staff

Executive Staff

Jim Kinnick, P.E.

Jim Kinnick, P.E.

Executive Director

Extension 101

Lisa Pompeo

Lisa Pompeo

Office Administrator

Extension 107


Michele Ballone, C.P.A.


Extension 106

Transportation Staff

Ken Sympson

Ken Sympson

Director of Transportation

Extension 103

Ed Davis

Ed Davis

Transportation Asset Manager

Extension 109

Jeffrey Gollner, GISP

Jeffrey Gollner, GISP

GIS Systems Planner

Extension 110

Bethaney Krzys, GISP

Bethaney Krzys, GISP

Safety Program Manager

Extension 117

Mirta Reyes-Chapman

Mirta Reyes-Chapman

Transit Program Manager

Extension 112

Stephen Zubyk

Stephen Zubyk

TIP Manager

Extension 111

Planning Staff

Joann Esenwein

Joann Esenwein

Director of Planning

Extension 102

Sara Wenger

Sara Daugherty

Economic Development Program Manager

Extension 105

Stephanie Dyer

Stephanie Dyer

Environmental Program Manager

Extension 116

Justin Mondok

Justin Mondok

Environmental Planner

Extension 115


Genna Petrolla

Economic Development Planner

Extension 113


Grant Taylor


Extension 104

Kathy Zook

Kathy Zook

Appalachian Regional Commission Program Manager

Extension 114

Board Members

The General Policy Board - 2018


Patrick Ginnetti, P.E.,P.S., Mahoning County

Vice Chair:

Julie Green, Trumbull County Commissioners

  • Mayor Eric Augustein, Village of Beloit
  • Mayor Ruth Bennett, Village of Orangeville
  • Mayor Jamael Brown, City of Youngstown
  • Mauro R. Cantalamessa, Trumbull County Commissioner
  • David Ditzler, Mahoning County Commissioner
  • Mayor Richard Duffett, City of Canfield
  • J.P. Durco, IV, Ashtabula County Commissioner
  • Robert Faulkner, Trumbull County Transit Board
  • James Ferraro, Western Reserve Transit Authority
  • Mayor Douglas Franklin, City of Warren
  • Frank Fuda, Trumbull County Commissioner
  • Fred Hanley, Hubbard Township Trustee
  • Mayor Arno Hill, Village of Lordstown
  • Mayor James Iudiciani, Village of Lowellville
  • Mayor, Village of Washingtonville
  • Mayor John A. Jurko, Village of Yankee Lake
  • Mayor Harry Kale, Village of New Middletown
  • Mayor Shirley McIntosh, Village of West Farmington
  • Mayor James Melfi, City of Girard
  • John Moliterno, Western Reserve Port Authority
  • Mayor Nick Phillips, City of Campbell
  • John Picuri, Ohio Department of Transportation, District 4
  • Mayor J. Michael Pinkerton, Village of Sebring
  • Jim Pirko, Citizens Advisory Board Representative
  • Daniel Polivka, Trumbull County Commissioner
  • Kurt Princic, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Northeast District
  • Mayor Glen M. Puckett, Village of McDonald
  • Carol Rimedio-Righetti, Mahoning County Commissioner
  • Randy Samulka, Citizens Advisory Board Representative
  • Mayor Tom Scarnecchia, City of Niles
  • Mayor Tim Sicafuse, Village of Poland
  • Randy Smith, Trumbull County Engineer
  • Mayor Dave Spencer, Village of Craig Beach
  • Mayor Terry Stocker, City of Struthers
  • Zachary Svette, Trumbull County MetroParks
  • Jim Timonere, Ashtabula County
  • Anthony Traficanti, Mahoning County Commissioner
  • Mayor Lyle A. Waddell, City of Newton Falls
  • Kathryn Whittington, Ashtabula County Commissioner
  • Mark Winchell, Ashtabula County
  • Joanne Wollet, Poland Township Trustee
  • Mayor James Woofter, City of Cortland
  • Aaron Young, Mill Creek MetroParks

The Technical Advisory Committee - 2018


Gary Shaffer, Trumbull County Engineer's Office


Kristen Olmi, Mahoning County Sanitary Engineer's Office

  • Kim Blasco, Trumbull County Sanitary Engineers
  • Wade Calhoun, City of Canfield
  • Tara Cioffi, Mahoning-Trumbull Air Pollution Control
  • Bob Faulkner, Trumbull County Transit
  • Pat Ginnetti, Mahoning County Engineer
  • Paul Makosky, City of Warren
  • Frank Migliozzi, Trumbull County Health District
  • Trish Nuskievicz, Trumbull County Planning Commission
  • John Picuri, Ohio Department of Transportation, District 4
  • Kurt Princic, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Northeast District
  • Judy Rodriguez, Western Reserve Transit Authority
  • Charles Shasho, City of Youngstown
  • Randy Smith, Trumbull County Engineer
  • Zachary Svette, Trumbull County Metroparks
  • Don Wittman, City of Cortland
  • Aaron Young, Director, Mill Creek MetroParks
  • vacant: Mahoning County Planning Commission

The Citizens Advisory Board - 2018


Randy Samulka


James J. Pirko

  • Shawna Barry-Scott
  • Robert Faulkner
  • Genevieve Germaniuk
  • John Getchey
  • Fred Hanley
  • Janet Hazlette
  • Gerald Hurayt
  • Kevin Kern
  • Charlotte Meloni
  • Peter H. Miliken
  • Jerome Parm
  • Don Rex
  • Terry Thomas

Job Opportunities

Recognizing that our people are our greatest asset, Eastgate takes pride in providing an outstanding work environment with incentives for a highly successful career.

As an equal opportunity employer, Eastgate fully supports all applicable state and federal laws and regulations and does not discriminate against applicants for employment or employees because of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status in any aspects of its personnel policies, working conditions or relationships with employees and applicants for employment.

Eastgate offers valuable training and excellent experiences for interested college and graduate students, as well as to members of the community. Internship opportunities – both paid and non-paid – are offered year-round (as needed).

For further information about employment and internship opportunities, please contact Lisa Pompeo, Office Administrator.

Current Job Opportunities:

There are currently no open positions