Broadband RFP Questions and Answers

  • Under General Scope of Services, page 4, number 5 Market Analysis. Typically, a Market Analysis is done for a specific geographic area. Can you please confirm if Eastgate will identify the designated area(s)…or will you be relying on the consulting firm’s recommendation(s)?

The designated areas for a Market Analysis span the entire three-county (Ashtabula, Mahoning, Trumbull) region. This is a regional market analysis.


  • Under Other Evaluation Categories on page 6, Section C, the RFP states, “…submit internet addresses of favorable reviews of the Coordinator’s work…” We would like clarification on this statement as to what you are looking for in this requirement. Is it links to news articles, or websites with online reviews? 

This can be links to news articles, websites with online reviews, or however favorable reviews can be demonstrated.