Questions and Answers
ECONOMIC RECOVERY COORDINATION For The Eastgate Regional Recovery Coordination: Resiliency Planning & Implementation Following the Closure of GM Lordstown.

Under section 2. General Scope of Services/Strategy Management, #2, it says “impacted by the coal economy and Lordstown Closure”. A preliminary analysis of industries in the Youngstown – Warren – Boardman, OH-PA MSA, indicates that coal and related industries have a minor presence with respects to overall employment during the past 20 years. Can you tell me why “coal economy” is referenced?
Our Region is part of Appalachia which has been impacted by the coal economy. Click Here for the Coal Impact Study

2. Is there a budget range or ceiling for this project that we should have in mind as we specify our approach? 
There is $435,000 total for three years available for the economic recovery coordinator team or individual.

3. Is the three-year project term firm or would the Eastgate COGs consider projects scoped over an accelerated, two-year period?   
The funding is allocated over three fiscal years.

4. Under the Strategy Management workstream in the RFP, one of the key activities described is to “Identify potential projects within the impacted region.” Could you be more specific about what is meant by “projects”? In other words, do you envision the team identifying projects related to sites in the region (e.g., attracting a specific firm or industry to a particular site) OR are projects more broadly related to the regional community (e.g., developing a customized training program through and industry/education partnership)? 
More broadly related to the regional community.

5. Do we need a budget
Not at this time.

6. Do we need letters of support
Just a list of references is fine.

7. Who will be scoring the proposals
Eastgate, CSU, WRPA, Trumbull County Planning Commission, and MVEDC

8. May we attach full resumes or does any information included on assigned staff members need to be within the 10 pages?
Please include the information in the 10 pages – bio’s in place of resumes will be acceptable.

9. Shall we include an electronic copy with our submittal or just submit the six hard copies?
Six hard copies are fine.

10. To confirm, is the RFP not requesting any pricing information?
That is correct.