Mahoning River Restoration Plan

RFP Questions and Answers

  • To complete the HEC-RAS Study, what acceptable base mapping or topographic survey is necessary to perform the HEC-RAS study?  Would you be looking for the consultant to provide an accurate topographic map of the corridor, or would other publicly available mapping be acceptable for use?  
    • The consultant should tell us how they are going to perform the survey and what base mapping is needed.
    • Look at high flow up to the 100-year event. High flows are more important specific to the removal and the low flow in this case would focus on water intakes which is specific to this evaluation. We usually don’t evaluate low flows for dam removal but need to do so here. At a minimum the Q7-10 and Q 30-10 annual low flows.
  • Does this RFP require the submission of qualifications, or quals + proposed fee?
    • Qualifications
  • I noticed the RFP required the consultant to provide a more updated/detailed construction cost estimate to remove the Girard Dam and the dredging.  I was not expecting to see that in this RFP because I was thinking that effort would be included in the design-build process for that dam removal project when it would be implemented.  Is there an existing estimate to start from that could be shared with the consultants?
    • The estimate current is $10million for Dredging and Dam removal, this is a planning level estimate.We are looking for a “better” estimate, this was done for both the Struthers and the Youngstown projects, the consultant conducted sediment, ecological, and morphological surveys of the Mahoning River near the dams.This provides a better estimate of the amount of sediment that will need to be removed, therefore a better estimate.