Traffic Counting

Traffic Count Maps

Eastgate’s traffic count map was created to graphically show traffic volumes on roadways throughout Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. Local counts as well as the latest State counts are included on the map. The traffic counts shown on the map represent the latest five years of count data. To determine the exact year of the count, use the database below to search for the specific location.

2018-2022 county wide map of Mahoning and Trumbull Counties

ODOT Counts

For additional State traffic count data, including older counts, visit the Ohio Department of Transportation’s webpage. Traffic count survey reports and maps can be viewed here.

Traffic Count Database

The database was developed to provide direct access to average daily traffic volumes. The database contains a volume of more than ten years of counts on local roadways throughout Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. While not all roads are listed, the database is large enough to provide travel information along nearby roads. The search box below will help find specific count locations in Eastgate’s database.

Traffic counts on State Routes have been added to database.

Helpful Hints while Searching

  • Not case sensitive - all lowercase letters are acceptable
  • Eliminate words and abbreviations such as street, avenue, court, or road (example: Mahoning Avenue = Mahoning, State Route 7 = SR 7, Interstate 680 = 680)
  • Begin your search for ALL YEARS - selecting a specific year may result in missed information
  • Type a single street name and scroll through the cross-street information to identify changes in traffic volume along a specific street