Call for Nominations to Fill Five District Six NRAC Seats

06 May 2022

The District Six Ohio Public Works Commission ‘s (OPWC) Integrating Committee is seeking nominations to fill five (5) seats on the District Six Natural Resource Assistance Council. The District Six Natural Resources Assistance Council (NRAC)is a working committee responsible for reviewing and recommending Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund projects from Mahoning County and Trumbull County to the Ohio Public Works Commission.

The NRAC consists of eleven members from the following categories or organizations, units of government, or agencies:

  • Group 1: A county, municipal corporation, township, conservancy district, regional or joint district or unit of local government, or regional or joint political subdivision that is located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee;
  • Group 2: A conservation organization, an environmental advocacy organization, an organization with a primary interest in watershed protection and restoration, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Environmental Protection Agency, or the United States Natural Resources Conservation Service;
  • Group 3: A city park system or metropolitan park system or a board of park commissioners from a county that is located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee, a statewide parks and recreation organization, or the United States National Park Service.
  • Group 4: A statewide organization representing agriculture, an organization representing forestry interests, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, or the United States Department of Agriculture;
  • Group 5: An organization representing business, local Realtors, or a planning agency, including a port authority, located within the geographical jurisdiction of the appointing integrating committee.

The district will accept nominations to fill one (1) seat each from Group 1, Group 4, and Group 5. The final two (2) nominations may be from any category listed.  Each NRAC position serves a three (3) year term and will run from 9/30/2022 through 9/29/2025. Members of District NRACs volunteer their services and are not compensated.

Interested applicants must submit a letter from the entity’s appointing authority, a nomination form, and a resume or summary of qualifications. Nomination forms are available at the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments website at  Send nominations no later than 3 p.m. on Monday, June 13th, 2022, to Stephanie Dyer, District Six Liaison, via email at

For more information about OPWC’s Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund Program please contact Stephanie Dyer at 234-254-1520 or