Request For Proposal: Engineering Analysis for the Placement of Conduit and Fiber Optic Cable

18 July 2022

This Request for Proposals is for an Engineering Analysis for the Placement of Conduit and Fiber Optic Cable into the Ohio Department of Transportation Right of Way at St. Rt. 11 in Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties.

Eastgate has prioritized the Regional Broadband Feasibility Study recommendation to enable greater fiber-based connectivity for residents and businesses in the region by the establishing a Lake (Erie) to River (Ohio) regional backbone middle-mile fiber line utilizing Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) right-of-way (“ROW”) along State Route 11 (the “Lake to River Corridor”), supplemented with connectivity along the Ohio Turnpike, Rt. 88, Rt. 224, Rt. 304, and Rt. 305, and others, to ensure additional last-mile broadband service to municipalities and townships, expanding off of the regional backbone.

Eastgate seeks qualified vendors to conduct professional engineering services (the “Engineering Analysis”) for the design of a fiber-optic backbone infrastructure through Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties.

All proposals must be electronically generated. Respondents must submit one (1) printed paper copy of their proposed materials to Eastgate at Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, 100 E. Federal St Suite 1000 Youngstown, OH 44503 and one (1) Portable Document Format (PDF) version of all proposal materials via electronic mail to Mark Ragozine (the “Eastgate Authorized Representative”) to the following address:

Respondents may submit questions regarding this RFP at any time through July 27, 2022 to the Eastgate Authorized Representative. Questions submitted to the Eastgate Authorized Representative do not create exceptions to the terms and conditions of this RFP. All questions submitted to, and answers provided by the Eastgate Authorized Representative shall be shared by Eastgate on its website ( or before July 29, 2022.

The deadline for Eastgate’s receipt of a Respondent’s proposal, in both the printed and emailed PDF versions as outlined above, is August 8, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. The full details for the RFP can be found at the link below.

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Questions & Answers

Q- Attachment B lists Anchor Institutions.  We could not locate Attachment B.  Can that be issued?  Given that there is an Attachment B, does that mean there is an Attachment A as well and if so, what is it?
A- Yes, the Attachment can be found below. This was accidentally not included in the final draft. The attachment should have also been labeled Attachment A. There are no other attachments.

Find Attachment A Here

Q- Is there an MBE/WBE/VBE/DBE requirement for this contract?
A- There is no requirement. However, the consultant/firm is asked to provide MBE/WBE/VBE/DBE Certifications in section B.4.

Q- What are the prequalification categories? Prequalification requirements are described in the RFP, but no ODOT categories are explicitly mentioned such as ITS Design and Operations.
A- The expectation is that the consultant/firm will comply with ODOT Part II General Categories. Please see the following link for further information:

Q- Is there a max page count for the proposal?
A- No, there is no max page count for the proposal. However, we encourage respondents to be concise.

Q- In developing the budget for the scope, it would be helpful to have a better understanding of the deliverables including the level of preliminary engineering for the proposed fiber (i.e. concept plans, 30% design plans, etc.)
A- The expectation is a minimum of 30% design plans.

Q- Would responding to the Engineering Analysis RFP preclude a fiber provider from an opportunity to build the network?

A- No, responding to the Engineering Analysis RFP should not preclude a provider from also being able to ultimately build the network. Any respondent to this RFP would also have to respond to any future RFP regarding the construction of the network.