Eastgate Submits for $159 Million from ACGP

07 December 2023

Today, Eastgate and our partners are celebrating the work and collaborative spirit that has allowed us to submit an application to the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) for almost $156 million, through the Appalachian Community Grant Program (ACGP).

The ‘mega project” submission consists of 43 projects across Ashtabula, Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull Counties. Eastgate’s ARC Program Manager Kathy Zook describes the submission as being “aimed at creating regional, transformative change for future economic and community development within our Appalachian region.”

The enthusiastic participation of the communities in our Appalachian region has been essential to the process thus far. For the past year, our nearly 40 partners have shown overwhelming support by identifying potential projects and how they might contribute to a bright regional future.

We would like to thank our partners at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber for assisting with the coordination of the event today at America Makes in Youngstown. It is another example of strong partnerships elevating regional efforts.

Below is a list of the projects included in the Eastgate ACGP development application.

Eastgate ACGP Development Applications Projects

Applicant                                                             Project

Ashtabula County

  1. Ashtabula City                                               Downtown Revitalization
  2. Ashtabula County Land Bank                       Downtown Placemaking (Façade only)
  3. Ashtabula County Port Authority               Ashtabula Mega Site Critical Infrastructure
  4. Conneaut                                                            Twin Bridges Kayak Launch and Water Trail
  5. Conneaut City                                                   Waterfront and Port District Redevelopment
  6. Geneva City                                                     Downtown Revitalization
  7. Geneva-on-the-Lake                                       Shoreline Restoration at Township Park
  8. Growth Partnership for ATB County         Conneaut CN Mega Site Access Road
  9. Jefferson Village                                               Downtown Revitalization
  10. Rock Creek                                                         Downtown Revitalization
  11. Roaming Shores                                               Downtown Revitalization
  12. Morgan                                                                Downtown Revitalization
  13. SPIRE                                                                     SPIRE
  14. Village of Andover                                           Downtown Revitalization

Columbiana County

  1. Columbiana County Port Authority           River Town Center

Mahoning County

  1. Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber     Four-County Workforce Talent Retention & Attraction Ecosystem
  2. City of Youngstown                                         B & O Property Renovations and Riverfront Park Upgrades 
  3. City of Youngstown                                         Downtown Streetscape Enhancements
  4. City of Youngstown                                         Targeted Facade Improvements
  5. Lowellville                                                           Riverfront Park
  6. Lowellville                                                           Stavich Bike Trail
  7. Mahoning Valley Historical Society           Facility Expansion and Improvement
  8. Mercy Health Youngstown                           Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center
  9. Milton Township                                              Mahoning Avenue Corridor Revitalization Plan
  10. OH WOW                                                             Phase 4 Renovation
  11. QUICKmed                                                         27 W Federal Redevelopment
  12. Struthers                                                             Downtown & Streetscape Revitalization
  13. Struthers                                                             Community River Launch
  14. Western Reserve Port Authority                Mahoning Valley Workforce Welcome Center
  15. Western Reserve Port Authority                Belmont Ave Building Redevelopment
  16. YBI                                                                          Graduate Additive Manufacturing Facility
  17. YNDC                                                                     REVITALIZE Glenwood
  18. Youngstown Flea                                              Building Redevelopment

Trumbull County

  1. BRITE Energy Innovators                               Headquarters Renovation
  2. City of Girard                                                     Downtown Complete Streets Improvements
  3. City of Girard                                                     Leatherworks Trailhead
  4. City of Warren                                                   Peninsula Redevelopment
  5. Cortland                                                               Downtown Revitalization
  6. Newton Falls                                                      Launch at Commerce Park
  7. Niles                                                                      Downtown Riverfront Revitalization
  8. Trumbull County Historical Society           Warren Ohio Science Fiction & Fantasy Museum
  9. Trumbull County MetroParks                      Western Reserve Greenway Trail/Bridge Renovations
  10. Western Reserve Port Authority                YNG Aviation Education Campus

There is always more need in Appalachia than we can fill and not all projects submitted for consideration could be selected for the development application. A reserve project list is noted below for projects that were submitted but not selected by the Eastgate Project Review Committee as part of the development application. Eastgate will be glad to work with the applicants to find possible alternative funding sources for the project.

Eastgate Reserve Project List

  1. Ashtabula Metroparks                                   Austin Rd Multimodal Path
  2. Ashtabula Metroparks                                   Harpersfield Trail
  3. Ashtabula Metroparks                                   Pymatuning Valley Greenway Trail
  4. City of Campbell                                               Stavich Trail Continuation
  5. City of Girard                                                     Wellman Theater Renovation
  6. City of Warren                                                   Mahoning River Recreation Park
  7. Cortland                                                               Mosquito Lake Trail Improvements and Expansion
  8. Trumbull County Metroparks                      Western Reserve Greenway Phase 4
  9. Orwell Village                                                    Downtown Revitalization
  10. City of Youngstown                                         Trail Projects
  11. Struthers                                                             Route 289 and Wilson Avenue Bike Lane
  12. Champion Township                                       Champion Township Park
  13. Newton Falls                                                      Community Center
  14. Newton Falls                                                      Downtown Streetscaping Improvements              
  15. Newton Falls                                                      Trail Improvements
  16. Trumbull County MetroParks                      Headquarters Improvements