Housing Study Market Value Analysis Seeking Input

12 December 2023

Eastgate Regional Council of Governments is engaged in a housing plan that includes the creation of a Market Value Analysis (MVA) – a typology of the region’s residential real estate market at the Census block group level. To ensure that the data that is used for the MVA is as accurate as possible, we’d like your feedback on the data gathered so far. The link below will take you to an interactive web map that has each of the MVA indicators shown at the block group level. Instructions on how to navigate the map will appear when you open the link. Below the link, there is also a video provided by our partners at Reinvestment Fund explaining how to use the interactive map tool.

View The Map

Please send any feedback or questions to Colin Weidig at colin.weidig@reinvestment.com. Your knowledge of the region’s housing market is very important to making the MVA as accurate and actionable as possible.