Eastgate Receives State Endorsement For the Little Yankee Run Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategy Plan

15 December 2023

The Little Yankee Run Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategy (NPS-IS) plan received state endorsement from the Ohio EPA. The plan is a product of input gained from local and regional stakeholder conversations, surveys, and determination to improve water quality and quantity issues in the watershed.

The Little Yankee Run watershed is a tributary to the Shenango River and contains a low head dam as well as other water quality impairments in need of attention. Eastgate and its planning partners are stewarding the creation of this plan to improve the health of the Little Yankee Run and its tributaries to meet the state’s standards for fishable, swimmable, and drinkable waters. 

Map of Little Yankee Run watershed

The Ohio EPA states, “The NPS-IS is a living strategic planning document that summarizes causes and sources of impairment, established critical areas, identifies quantifiable objectives to address causes and sources of impairment, and describes projects designed to meet those objectives.” Utilizing Ohio EPA biological and chemical survey data, the Little Yankee Run NPS-IS plan identified areas of concern based on water quality impairments (I.e. bacteria, lowhead dams, sedimentation), developed goals and objectives for each area, and developed projects to achieve the objectives. As a living document, this plan will be updated as new water quality data is available and/or projects are identified or implemented.

A copy of the plan is available to view by clicking the link below. For more information about the plan, please contact Stephanie Dyer at sdyer@eastgatecog.org

Read the Little Yankee Run NPS-IS Plan