Eastgate's Annual ARC Pre-Application Workshop Held April 20th

May 03, 2018

Eastgate held its annual ARC Pre-Application workshop on Friday April 20th. There were over 25 agencies in attendance. Pre-Applications are due at the Eastgate office by 3pm on Friday, My 11th. Projects funded through the ARC program they must meet at least one of the five ARC goals listed below:

  • Goal 1: Economic Opportunities -Strengthen entrepreneurial and business development strategies
  • Goal 2: Ready Workforce - Increase the education, knowledge, skills, and health
  • Goal 3: Critical Infrastructure – Broadband; Access Rd (ADHS); and water/wastewater systems.
  • Goal 4: Natural and Cultural Assets - Strengthen Appalachia’s community and economic development potential by leveraging the Region’s natural and cultural assets.
  • Goal 5: Leadership and Community Capacity - Build the capacity and skills of current and next-generation

Examples of types of projects eligible for funding

  • Create and/or retain private sector jobs in the District
  • Extend or upgrade water or sewer service to residents of the District
  • Provide quality health care to residents of the District
  • Provide job skills training/workforce development for residents of the District
  • Develop/improve infrastructure for residents of the District
  • Improve economic opportunity
  • Improve broadband access
  • Improve AHDS and access roads to decrease isolation and increase job creation
  • Strengthen economic development by leveraging natural and cultural assets
  • Foster leadership and community capacity