What is Driving Transportation Changes in Ohio?

May 11, 2018
Access 2045 Meeting

Access Ohio 2045 guides policy and investment strategies for Ohio’s transportation system. Currently ODOT is assessing the “what if’s” that may affect how people and goods move along the state’s vast multimodal assets – population, economic, development, and technological shifts. To assist ODOT in preparing for multiple future scenarios, please take the following survey.

Local officials and Eastgate staff attended a workshop on May 7th on how an aging population, reshoring of manufacturing jobs, and big data may change the demands on the state’s vast infrastructure. Other topics include shared mobility, connected vehicles, asset management, truck platooning, self-driving vehicles, alternative fuels, asset resiliency, and ways of mitigating congestion. Eastgate will continue to work with ODOT in planning for these emerging topics.

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