Eastgate Staff Presents at Ohio Transportation Planning Conference

Jul 25, 2018

Ohio Transportation Planning Conference
The Ohio Transportation Planning Conference hosted by the Ohio Department of Transportation was held on July 17th and 18th in Columbus. This year’s theme was Quantum Leaps: Advances in Transportation. Bethaney Krzys, Safety Program Manager, presented on Eastgate’s adoption of Transportation Performance Management targets for approximately 17 highway measures and transit state of good repair performance measures. The session also included speakers from the Ohio Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration on creating a strategic approach that uses system information to make investment and policy decisions to achieve national performance goals in areas such as safety and pavement condition. Sara Daugherty, Economic Development Program Manager, presented aligning infrastructure and economic investments in zero-growth regions. The session explored how developing a framework for understanding where industrial and professional jobs are currently and projected to be located can be utilized for short-term actions to better connect people to jobs and long-term decision-making through modeling to prioritize and maintain nodes of economic activity. This presentation also included representatives from other MPOs in Northeast Ohio and the Fund for our Economic Future.