Request for Proposals For ECONOMIC RECOVERY COORDINATION For The Eastgate Regional Recovery Coordination: Resiliency Planning & Implementation Following the Closure of GM Lordstown

Sep 12, 2019

Request for Proposals



For The

Eastgate Regional Recovery Coordination:

Resiliency Planning & Implementation Following the Closure of GM Lordstown


Accepted until October 18, 2019

Eastgate Regional Council of Governments

100 E. Federal St.

Suite 1000

Youngstown, OH 44503

Attn: Joann Esenwein, Director of Planning



Sealed Proposals will be accepted until October 18, 2019 no later than 2PM, at Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, 100 E. Federal St. Youngstown, OH 44503.

Each team shall submit a total of six (6) copies of the Proposals in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside “Proposal for the Eastgate Economic Recovery Coordination.”

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Executive Director, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments

James Kinnick, P.E.


NEWS PRESS/POSTED September 20, 2019




            Economic Recovery Coordinator: Resiliency Planning & Implementation Following the GM Lordstown Plant Closure


1. Introduction

The Eastgate Regional Council of Governments is seeking to retain the services of an Economic Recovery Coordinator or Economic Recovery Coordination Team (“Coordinator”) to develop and implement an economic recovery strategy to recover from the recent closure at the Lordstown General Motors assembly plant. The Coordinator will work with Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, Cleveland State University, and local stakeholders to develop and implement a plan to assist the Mahoning Valley respond to the challenges it faces with the closure of the GM Lordstown assembly plant and subsequent related industry closures. 

This is a three-year project with deliverables at the end of each year.  The contract will be renewed each year, contingent upon success. Proposals should include a three-year strategy and the first year’s scope-of-work.  An annual scope-of-work will be determined with each contract renewal for the next two years.

The selected team will be involved in determining the schedule and deliverables for each workstream.

At the completion of this project, the goal is for the region to chart a course towards restoring productive re-use of the closed facility in Lordstown to renewed economic vitality and enhanced economic resiliency of the Mahoning Valley.

2. General Scope of Services

The Coordinator will work with leaders and a variety of stakeholders, including but not limited to, economic development, community development, workforce development, social services, foundations, and government entities. The Coordinator will develop and deploy a strategy to achieve 5 main workstreams: 

Mitigation of unemployment impacts

  1. Identify job skill development opportunities in local and regional industries
  2. Assess existing and available training and education programs, employer needs and in-demand jobs within the region
  3. Evaluate entrepreneurship training resources and access to capital

Strategy Management

  1. Assess the economic impact of the GM Closure and downturn in the coal economy to develop a baseline for recovery and reinvestment
  2. Identify, coordinate and collaborate with community stakeholders, public assets and partners impacted by the coal economy and Lordstown Closure
  3. Review and develop investment and economic development response to the impacts identified
  4. Identify potential projects within the impacted region
  5. Provide technical assistance, resources, and guidance to the impacted region

Reuse and Redevelopment

  1. Review of economic development corridors, potential sites, and existing buildings
  2. Assess and evaluate sites for reuse and strategic marketing
  3. Identify and target specific development areas and sites
  4. Evaluate, revise, and develop incentives as well as current goals to encourage development and attract new business
  5. Identify funding mechanisms to assist the region in recovery and development

Workforce and industry assets

  1. Attract growth and diversify industries
  2. Support existing businesses and develop expansion opportunities
  3. Evaluate the current system and identify unique attributes

Business Development

  1. Facilitate engagement between the business community and economic development organizations
  2. Develop strategies directed at the retention, strengthening, and expansion of businesses and entrepreneurs
  3. Focus on outside investment attraction

The Coordinator will develop networks featuring multiple stakeholders across the Mahoning Valley, host and facilitate meetings involving the 5 workstreams, as well as will develop and facilitate the implementation of an action plan across each of the 5 main workstreams. The Coordinator will work with stakeholders and Eastgate to identify potential funding sources for implementation strategies in the workstreams, coordinate future funding opportunities, foster innovative strategies to enhance the Mahoning Valley’s resiliency, among other duties.

3. Project Deliverables

At the beginning of the project, identified and measurable outcomes will be agreed upon at that start of the year. This is a three-year project with deliverables defined for each year. Deliverables for the first year should be submitted with measurable indicators for the first year; directions for the deliverables on year 2 and 3 should be outlined in general terms. The measurable deliverable for the next consecutive year will be developed based on the previous year’s success.  The Coordinator will provide quarterly updates in the form of a progress report and financial report to the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments and other pertinent entities on the progress of the project.

4. Proposal Contents

The objective is to enter into a contract with a Coordinator to provide the above-referenced Work. 

Minimum Qualifications

In this section, provide documentation that a Coordinator has at least two years’ experience providing economic development coordination services in a region comparable to the Mahoning Valley area.

Failure to meet these minimum qualifications will cause the Proposal to be considered non-responsive, and it will be removed from further consideration.

Section A. Vendor’s Experience/ Available Staff’s Experience

In this section of the Proposal, provide information regarding the Coordinator's experience with each main workstream within the past three years. Please provide at least three (3) references for such services.

Provide the resumes of the key personnel (prime and/or subcontractor) capable of providing the services across each main workstream. Please also include an organization chart identifying name, title, and firm for each key staff member and how the project team will interact with Eastgate.

Section B. Project Scope of Work

In this section of the Proposal, describe your proposed approach to the project and your methodology for providing the services. Take this opportunity to specify any unique characteristics that may distinguish you from other potential consultants for these services. Describe the strategy, action plan, and deliverable across each workstream. Please include a timeline for each activity and limit your response to five pages.

Section C. Other Categories

In this section of the Proposal, submit internet addresses of favorable reviews of the Coordinator’s work, providing the similar services offered to Eastgate. Provide other relevant information that was not illustrated in the previous two sections.

Section D. Interview/Presentation

Based on the criteria A - C, up to three firms/individuals will be chosen to give a presentation and be interviewed, in person, by the selection team.  There will be no compensation for coming to Eastgate’s office for the presentation/interview.

5. Proposal Evaluation Criteria

A selection committee will rank each item of the Proposal based on the maximum possible

points listed below. Listed categories will be evaluated by each member of the selection committee.

There is no category for rating a narrative approach on its merits. A narrative approach may be considered, where appropriate, to expand a consultant's explanation regarding any of the following evaluation categories.


  1. (Up to 30 points) “Coordinator's Experience” / “Available Staff's Experience”

    Consider the Coordinator's experience within the past 3 years with the type of service offered to the Eastgate. Review the references provided by the consultant and evaluate the firm in each of the following categories:


    • Quality of services provided

    • Relevance of the services provided to the project’s mission, goals, and 5 main workstreams


    Consider the resume of the key personnel in each applicable area of services to be authorized. Evaluate the "Available Staff's Experience" in the following categories:


    • The project manager or lead

    • Additional experiences relevant to 5 main workstreams


  2. (Up to 50 points) “Project/Contract Methodology”

    Evaluate each firm based on its proposed methodology for execution of this contract. Consider each firm's understanding of the purpose and scope of this project/contract. Evaluate soundness of the strategy and actionable items; assess how achievable the deliverables are for the first year and the three-year period.


  3. (Up to 20 points) “Other Evaluation Categories”

Evaluate each vendor based on the favorable internet reviews provided by the vendor and any additional information relevant to the proposed project. This may include, but not limited to, innovative ideas and previous experience of working in the Mahoning valley.


Requirements for the Proposals:

Instructions for Preparing and Submitting a Proposal

1. Provide the information requested in the Request for Proposals Content in the same order listed, in a letter signed by an officer of the firm. Do not send additional forms, resumes, brochures, or other material.

2. Proposals shall be limited to ten (10) 8½" x 11" single-sided pages.

3. Please adhere to the following requirements in preparing and binding letters of interest:

a. Please use a minimum font size of 12-point and maintain margins of 1" on all four sides.

b. Page numbers must be centered at the bottom of each page.

c. Use 8½" x 11" paper only.

d. Bind proposals by stapling at the upper left-hand corner only. Do not utilize any other binding system.

e. Do not provide tabbed inserts or other features that may interfere with machine copying.

Each Team shall submit a total of six (6) copies of the Proposals in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside “Proposals for the Eastgate Economic Recovery Coordination.”

Eastgate will accept Proposals until 2 PM, Thursday October 18, 2019, at the Director of Planning’s office, 100 E. Federal St. Youngstown, OH 44503

Eastgate retains the option of rejecting or accepting any RFP.


  1. Request for Proposals (RFP) Advertisement: September 20, 2019
  2. Proposals due: October 18, 2019
  3. Interviews/PresentationWeek of November 18, 2019
  4. Target award date:December 31, 2019

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