The Mahoning River on Display

Jan 30, 2020

If you trace the Ohio River’s origins, you can trace some of it back to Northeast Ohio to our Mahoning River. Granted, the Mahoning River flows into the Beaver River before reaching the Ohio River, but you can visualize how our activities here can affect the Ohio River.  In early January, Eastgate’s Joann Esenwein and Stephanie Dyer were approached by Ms. Julie Grant, Managing Editor and Reporter for The Allegheny Front, to discuss the valley’s dam removal movement and its impacts in the Ohio River Watershed.

Eastgate conversation is featured in a larger journalistic collaborative, ”Good River: Stories of the Ohio”. These stories focus on the environment, economy, and culture of the Ohio River Watershed and includes seven nonprofit newsrooms covering 15 Ohio River Watershed states. Both Joann and Stephanie sat down with Ms. Grant to discuss the history of the Mahoning River, today’s collaborative work, and the water quality improvements yet to come with the current dam removal projects. Eastgate’s contributions are included in the Good River article, ‘Unbuilding’: What Might Happen if Dams are Removed in the Ohio River Watershed”. Follow the link bellow to read the Mahoning River’s chapter in the Good River series.