The first plan from Eastgate’s new Corridor Planning program is now available, focusing on Belmont Ave in the City of Youngstown and Liberty Township

Jul 07, 2020

Eastgate established the Corridor Planning Program in 2019. The intent of the initiative is to compliment the development of the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and to assist its member communities in improving the viability and adaptability of a transportation system built in and for a different era. Corridors form the primary connections between cities, neighborhoods, suburbs, and the region. Eastgate as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is in a unique position to plan for corridors given that MPOs can facilitate land use and transportation, connect infrastructure to development decisions, and coordinate redevelopment along multi-jurisdictional corridors by building partnerships between numerous public and private organizations.

In 2019, the City of Youngstown and Liberty Township jointly applied for Belmont Avenue to be studied through this program. The planning extent for this project begins at the intersection of Belmont Ave and Federal St in Downtown Youngstown and extends 4.66 miles north to the intersection of Belmont Ave with Excellence Dr in Liberty Township. The corridor is an important connector between IR-80 and Youngstown’s Downtown.

The issues identified in the corridor were transportation, revitalization, and economic development issues – issues that cannot be addressed without a collaborative and coordinated approach. However, this program has its limitations. Therefore, Eastgate developed an approach that would offer the City of Youngstown, Liberty Township, and their partners a vision of what could be. This vision outlines the corridor, identifies issues, and offers possible solutions all framed within the context of the Corridor Planning Program goals.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Increase accessibility of the existing transportation network and emphasize multi-modal transportation options
  • Support ongoing and future economic development that will contribute to a vibrant community
  • Offer solutions for transportation issues along the corridor
View the Belmont Avenue Corridor Plan here –