Two Projects in Eastgate District Awarded POWER Grants: $1,499,500

Oct 30, 2020

The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) announced $43.3 million across 51 projects to support economic diversification in the Region’s coal-impacted communities through the POWER (Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization) Initiative. More than half of these investments will support recovery-to-work efforts or strengthen the Region’s broadband infrastructure. A total of $5.7 million in ARC POWER funding was awarded to 7 projects in Appalachia Ohio, including 2 projects in the Eastgate Local Development District. Our District recipients are: Eastgate Regional Council of Governments ($1,450,000) and Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center ($49,500).

Senator Rob Portman:

“The $5.7 million in federal ARC POWER grants is great news because it will help ensure that these organizations across Ohio have the resources needed to expand world-class technology in their regions, to support entrepreneurship, and thus help ensure economic development and job creation in these towns and local communities,” said Portman.

ARC Federal Co-Chair Tim Thomas:

“POWER grants are playing a critical role in supporting coal-impacted communities in the Appalachian Region as they recover from COVID-19 by building and expanding critical infrastructure and creating new economic opportunities through innovative and transformative approaches,” said ARC Federal Co-Chairman Tim Thomas. “Projects like this are getting Appalachia back to work.”

  • $1,450,000 ARC grant to the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments in Youngstown, OH for the Youngstown SMART2 Network. The project will install over 10 miles of fiber conduit in downtown Youngstown as the first step toward establishing a broadband network that can support businesses, healthcare, education, and residents working and learning remotely. The SMART Network is a collection of infrastructure improvements designed to revitalize the Youngstown central business district. It will help reverse decades of outward migration and disinvestment by providing the basic infrastructure needed to support and attract business. The project will capitalize on over $50 million in recent public and private investments. Matching funds are being provided through a BUILD grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation, a surface transportation block grant, Youngstown State University, Mercy Health, and other public and private partners. The conduit is projected to serve 212 business locations and create 119 new jobs.
  • $49,950  ARC grant to the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center in Warren, OH for the Energy Storage Road Map for Appalachian Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia project. Identifying energy storage assets in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, the project’s study will be an analysis and framework for leveraging the burgeoning energy storage cluster in the tri-state area with an emphasis on coal-impacted areas. The study will outline key assets in energy storage for grid generation, transportation, and consumer electronics. It will provide the groundwork needed to create entrepreneurial and business development strategies within the energy storage cluster. The study is specific to strengthening the supply chain for energy-tech, an industrial cluster, which enables the region to compete in the global economy.

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