Ohio Traffic Safety Council Members Announced

Nov 10, 2020

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the members of the new Ohio Traffic Safety Council, which met virtually for the first time in early November. We are pleased to announce that Jim Kinnick, Eastgate’s Executive Director has been named a member of the 30-member council. Governor DeWine announced the development of the new council, led by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, in September. The council is composed of representatives of several state agencies and outside groups. The role of the council will be to coordinate and monitor all statewide traffic safety initiatives, analyze trends, and advise the Governor on creating safer roads through education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency response.

"Members of this council all share the same goal - to drive down the number of people killed in traffic crashes," said Governor DeWine. "Their combined expertise, resources, and efforts will be a force multiplier in saving lives.” Members of the Ohio Traffic Safety Council include:

The Ohio Traffic Safety Council is one of several initiatives launched by Governor DeWine since 2019. Other efforts include creating a work zone enforcement partnership between the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio State Highway Patrol; providing Youthful Driver Safety funding to seven Ohio juvenile courts to deliver young drivers more access to advanced driver training counties; creating the Intersection Safety Program to improve the safety of 150 rural, urban, and suburban intersections across the state; developing the "Ohio - Ready, Test, Drive!" program to help enhance the skills of new drivers; and creating several distracted driving corridors to reduce distracted driving in Ohio. Governor DeWine also worked with members of the General Assembly to introduce the Hands-Free Ohio bill, which is currently pending in the Ohio General Assembly, to strengthen Ohio's laws related to the use of wireless devices while driving.