Funding Opportunity: ODOT Bridge Grants Open Now through April 15

Mar 01, 2021
Ohio Bridge Partnership Program

The application period for the Ohio Bridge Partnership Program is now open and accepting applications through April 15 for fiscal year 2025. 

This program provides federal funds to counties and municipalities for roadway bridge replacement. ODOT provides 100 percent of eligible costs for construction including testing and inspection. The local government is responsible for preliminary engineering, environmental studies, final design, and right of way. To be eligible, the bridge must:

  • have sufficiency rating of 80 or less
  • be structurally deficient
  • be owned by a municipality or county
  • be open for vehicular traffic
  • be non-historic
  • meet the federal definition of a bridge (length greater than 20 feet)

For additional questions, refer to the Ohio Bridge Partnership Program Guidance Document on the Office of Local Program website at this link.