Review and Comment- Mahoning County Wastewater Treatment Language

May 06, 2021

The 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan is a living document updated to reflect current infrastructure needs and water quality protection measures.  The region’s wastewater treatment language guides infrastructure placement and/or expansion as per the management agencies who develop the language.  Those agencies include the county sanitary engineer, local health department officials and the Ohio EPA. 

The Mahoning County Wastewater Treatment Language was last updated and adopted in 2007. Since then, many home sewage treatment system rules and regulations have come into play.  Therefore, the language update is needed to reflect those changes.   The language will undergo a review and comment period until May 31st, 2021.  Any wishing to review the language can access it through the following link, click here.  Questions and/or comments can do so by submitting them to by the May 31st deadline.