City of Youngstown to Apply for $1.5 Million in Funding for Upgrades to Downtown Streets

Jul 06, 2021

Youngstown city officials plan to apply for $1.5 million in federal and state funding for upgrades to Walnut Street and Boardman Street downtown.

Eastgate Regional Council of Governments Executive Director Jim Kinnick announced the plan to apply for funding for the upgrades at a meeting of the city’s design review committee.

In an effort to make the streets more friendly to pedestrians, the city plans for the renovations to be an extension of the upgrades being made to Fifth Avenue. The process will include widening sidewalks, adding landscaping and lighting improvements, with the intent of making the streets more inviting.

On the extension of the Fifth Avenue project, Kinnick says, “The intent of the project was always to grow the initiative.” The city also plans to make upgrades to Park Avenue, Phelps Street, Commerce Street, Front Street, Federal Street and Rayen Avenue in the future.

The city will apply to the Transportation Alternative Program and the Ohio Public Works Commission in order to secure funding for the project. A decision should be made about the federal funding by the end of October and the state funding by December.

“We are being aggressive and we’re looking to get this to construction by midsummer 2022,” Kinnick said. “Obviously it’s an aggressive schedule but the opportunity to capture the funding is there and to get it quickly.”

For more information on the funding and other projects approved by the committee, visit The Business Journal.