District Six NRAC Recommends Six Round 15a Applications for OPWC Approval

Aug 11, 2021
The District Six Natural Resource Assistance Council (NRAC) met and voted on July 23rd, 2021, recommending six Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund applications for OPWC funding.  Over $2 million dollars was available in Round 15a with applicants’ request totaling $1,647,023 in project funding.  The following is a summary of the funded projects: 

 • Welsh Hill Preserve- Trumbull County MetroParks will preserve 16 acres and approximately 1,820 linear feet of Four Mile Stream and approximately 490 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to Four Mile Stream in Weathersfield Township, Trumbull County. The parcel includes 9.8 acres of wetlands exist containing forested, shrub, emergent, and mudflat vegetation communities are found throughout the subject property.  Total Project Cost: $76,800
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $57,600

Hawkins Marsh Marigold Preserve- Mill Creek MetroParks will acquire 161 acres of mesic and swamp forest dominated by oak and red maple with buttonbush swamp inclusions. It will preserve ~3,350 linear feet of a tributary to Mill Creek (Smith Township, Mahoning County) and approximately 80 acres of Category 3 wetlands, the highest wetland quality. The acquisition will further the growth of the MetroParks into areas of Mahoning County where they currently have minimal to no presence. 
Total Project Cost: $ 1,143,560 
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $843,800

Springfield Road Forest Preserve Improvements- Round 15a Clean Ohio funds build upon the MetroParks’ Round 15 application. The project will establish to improve and enhance the recreational, accessibility, educational, and ecological qualities by providing an entrance drive, parking, aggregate and grassed trails, primitive hiking trails, a fishing pier, observation deck, boardwalk and associated regulatory and interpretative educational signage.  
Total Project Cost: $242,936
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $182,202

The Springfield Road Forest Preserve project (Round 15) consisted of preserving 88 acres of land in Springfield Township, Mahoning County. Land acquisition also included preserving 2,419 linear feet of water frontage along a 14-acre pond. Creation of the Springfield Road Forest Preserve aligns with goals of MCMP’s 2013 Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Strategic Master Plan due to its forested landscape and location in the eastern portion of Mahoning County, an area in which MCMP wishes to establish a public park.
Total Project Cost: $392 575
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $294,431

Little Squaw Creek Phase 2 Stream and Floodplain Restoration- Liberty Township continues its work to restore Little Squaw Creek within the confines of Churchill Park in Liberty Township, Trumbull County. The project includes improvement of in-stream water quality, the restoration of in-stream and riparian habitat, and the reconnection of the stream to the adjacent floodplain within and along approximately 310 linear feet of Little Squaw Creek and 615 linear feet of the unnamed tributary.
Total Project Cost: $333,775
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $250,331


Mosquito Creek Floodplain Maffitt Acquisition- Howland Township will use Clean Ohio funds to acquire 84 acres of Mosquito Creek Corridor in Howland Township, Trumbull County.  The land contains Mosquito Creek, its expansive floodplain, streamside forest and high-quality wetlands. 
Total Project Cost: $333,775
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $250,331

Squaw Creek Headwaters Preservation- Western Reserve Land Conservancy will purchase a conservation easement, from a private landowner, preserving 162 acres of land in Vienna Township, Trumbull County. The easement will protect approximately 1,400 linear feet of Squaw Creek, vital headwater streams, streamside forests, and 103 acres of Category 3 wetlands.  While the landowner will still own the property, the conservation easement will enable permanent restrictions and protection placed on the acreage with access granted to Western Reserve Land Conservancy for stewardship and monitoring. 

Total Project Cost: $243,790
Clean Ohio Funds Requested: $180,405