Request For Proposals for Broadband Technical Assistance-Grant Writer Task Order

Dec 14, 2021
The Eastgate Regional Council of Governments is seeking to retain the services of a consultant to provide Broadband Technical Assistance-Grant Writing for the three-county region (Ashtabula, Mahoning, Trumbull). A selection committee will then review the proposals and select from those bids the best proposal.

The selected consultant will then be commissioned to provide Broadband Technical Assistance with a focus on providing professional grant writing services and assisting with project development. Eastgate, along with its partners from Ashtabula, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties, will work in tandem with the consultant to ensure that these services are carried out during the contract period.

The full Request For Proposals can be read here.

All questions shall be directed to Economic Development Planner, Mark Ragozine, in writing by 2:00 P.M. December 27th. Questions will only be accepted via email at 
( No calls will be taken during this process. All comments will be addressed on Eastgate’s website by December 29th