Clean Ohio Conservation Fund Program

The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program is dedicated to environmental conservation including acquisition of green space and the protection and enhancement of river and stream corridors. Grant recipients agree to maintain the properties in perpetuity so that they can be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.

Eastgate serves as the administrative home for District Six (Mahoning County and Trumbull County) and its’ Natural Resource Assistance Council (NRAC). The District Six NRAC develops the scoring methodology to annually evaluate applications submitted by various units of local government and nonprofits and submits the final project list to the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for their concurrence and subsequent funding. 

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District Six Natural Resource Assistance Council (NRAC)

District Six NRAC Members List

District Six NRAC Bylaws

District Six NRAC Nomination Form

Current Fiscal Year District Information

District Calendar

District Six Application Manual: Eligible Applicants are required to consult District Six’s Application Manual when applying for Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Program funds. This manual contains valuable information and is meant to be used side by side with all OPWC and District Six application documents.

District Six NRAC Attachment B

District Six Scoring Methodology

Map of District Six Clean Ohio Properties to Date

For project planning assistance, application guidance, and local information regarding the Clean Ohio Fund, please contact Stephanie Dyer.

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