Program Overview

The Eastgate Corridor Planning Program seeks out corridors within Mahoning and Trumbull Counties for study to further its mission of providing a regional forum to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern, and to develop recommendations and plans to address those issues. Corridors form the primary connections between cities, neighborhoods, suburbs, and the region. Eastgate as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is in a unique position to plan for corridors given that MPOs can facilitate land use and transportation, connect infrastructure to development decisions, and coordinate redevelopment along multi-jurisdictional corridors by building partnerships between numerous public and private organizations.

Eastgate studies and prepares a comprehensive transportation plan for the selected corridors to compliment the development of the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan and to assist its member communities in improving the viability and adaptability of a transportation system built in and for a different era. The corridor should be between one and five miles in length. The scope of work for the corridor will be determined by Eastgate staff and appropriate stakeholders. Ultimately, the goals of this program are to focus on the following:

  • Increase accessibility of the existing transportation network and emphasize multi-modal transportation options
  • Support ongoing and future economic development that will contribute to a vibrant community
  • Offer solutions for transportation issues along the corridor

The final report may include a vision and goals for the corridor, an overview of existing conditions, identification of priority assets that can be supported by infrastructure investment, a transportation improvement plan, and an implementation plan. Engagement with a steering committee and stakeholder interviews will complement the project’s public participation. Eastgate is dedicating significant staff time and resources towards this initiative, including being a navigator for programming transportation projects that result from the report and implementation plan.

Current Project

SR 224 through (170) Youngstown-Poland Road to Poland Avenue.

Previous Projects

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Previous Projects