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Gohio Commute is a new, free to use smart commuting service for the State of Ohio. This interactive platform provides you the information you need to make smart choices that can help you save money, improve your health, and enhance air quality. You can also connect with nearby commuters to share your ride. Just plan your trip, then watch the savings grow!


Want more information about commuting? View more resources, links, commuting tips, and contact information for a smarter way to get to your destination.


Gohio Commute isn’t just for commuters, but can also be an effective tool to help employers attract and retain employees through affordable, convenient, and sustainable commute options. We can work with you to inform your employees about alternative commute options and help you (and them) track progress.

School Administrators

Looking for a smarter way to manage your students' commutes? Gohio Commute can help by establishing a Schoolpool, which is a secure way for parents to arrange transportation for their children to safely arrive at school. Carpools, walking school buses, and bicycle groups can help alleviate congestion issues around schools and make it easier and safer for children to get to school.

Eastgate offers a Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH) to qualifying members of Gohio Commute. The GRH program reimburses commuters 80% (or a maximum of $60.00) of the costs incurred in using a taxi, bus, or rental car to get home in the event of an unforeseen emergency. To be eligible for the GRH program, a commuter must be registered with Gohio Commute, complete a GRH registration form, and take an alternative form of transportation to work or school at least three days per week. To register for the GRH program please contact Eastgate to obtain a registration form.