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Schoolpool Information

The Gohio Commute Schoolpool feature provides the opportunity to manage school rosters as one of your TDM strategies. It provides visualization of the households that make up the roster in order to better understand how to employ your strategies, as well as the ability to create carpools, vanpools, or shuttles for parents. Parents also have the opportunity to build their transportation community on their own, and they are given a special role with unique privileges in order to do so. RideAmigos will accept both the manual creation of school rosters and the uploading of one via CSV file. Once the rosters are created, many features and workflows are available to facilitate the management of your TDM schoolpool strategies. Cluster maps, custom PDF generation for snail mail, and private registration are some additional features available in this regard.

As an Administrator, you may:

  • Create Schools
  • Add households via roster import
  • Edit school information, bulk email and PDF cover letter information
  • View households with the school via table view or map view
  • Edit any households within the system, via the school list or ‘all-household’ list. You may also view user accounts that are associated with specific households
  • You may bulk email users within a school, with options such as PDF rendering, household claim link, or opt-out link.
  • You may assign specific managers to a school

As a Schoolpool manager you may:

  • View only your specified school
  • Edit details about the school
  • View the school roster and import or create new members
  • Download PDFs or bulk email households as necessary

Authorized families can join school networks. Parents are authorized by:

  • Auto account creation via roster
  • Registering via general web registration to be part of the school network. This process is as follows:
    • Registrant during registration is made aware that there is a separate process to be part of a schoolpool network.
    • If registrant is already part of a schoolpool and/or looking to join a schoolpool network, information is provided on how to contact the person from whom they can get a special, “non-guessable” URL designated for specific schoolpool network registration.
  • The same registration form as non-schoolpool users is used with additional fields if the user comes from a schoolpool link. The fields include all of the fields from the imported roster spreadsheet.
  • Schoolpool-only records will be distinguished from other types of records in both reporting and general system use. They will not be mixed with general records for ridematching, leaderboards, gaming, etc…
  • Those schoolpool users who register on the system will be able to use general items as well such as the Trip Planner, Trip Log, and leaderboards, but their specific schoolpool data will continue to reside separate from the general user information

After being imported or joining a schoolpool, a household Parent may:

  • View their matches within their school via the Schoolpool menu item
  • Email matched households in order to create carpools, bike-pools, bus-pools
  • Download their refrigerator-ready PDF
  • Edit their household information
  • Copy a link to send to other household members to join and view matches

Interested in starting a Schoolpool?

Contact us at gohiocommute@eastgatecog.org to get set up