High Priority Locations

During the development of the Regional Safety Study in 2016 Eastgate developed a list of priority locations that had safety issues using Safety Data from 2012 to 2014. Several factors such as Crash Rate, Crash Severity, and Crash Frequency were all evaluated for every intersection and every segment in the Eastgate region. Each county was developed independently, and the Intersections and Segments were also developed independently. The list below includes the top 15 locations for each segment and each intersection in Mahoning County and the top 15 locations for each segment and each intersection in Trumbull County. ODOT also maintain their own list of priority locations which are included, and their ranking is included in the State Rank column. This list can be used to help with safety applications.

The locations also have a column for a report. This report is a preliminary report on the crashes for the location between 2017 and 2019. The reports are designed to allow anyone interested to look at the location easily and evaluate if they would like to find out more at which point a more thorough study is able to be performed.

For a two county map of all the high priority locations click here.

Mahoning Segments

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Name of LocationLocal RankState RankMaintaining Authority

Mahoning Ave from Howard Ave to SR 46142Mahoning CountyMAPREPORT
US 224 from Bristlewood Dr to South Ave23ODOTMAPREPORT
US 224 from Tanglewood Dr to Applewood Blvd247ODOTMAPREPORT
US 224 from West Blvd to Hitchcock Rd319ODOTMAPREPORT
SR 46 from W Webb Rd to E Liberty St439ODOTMAPREPORT
US 224 Bridge over I-6804ODOTMAP 
SR 46 from Silica Rd to Interstate Blvd551ODOTmapreport
US 224 from Ironwood Blvd to Summit Dr6ODOTmapreport
Mahoning Ave from SR 46 to Javit Ct6Mahoning Countymapreport
US 224 from South Ave to S Tiffany Blvd7ODOTmapreport
US 224 from SR 11 S Ramp to SR 11 N Ramp8ODOTmap 
US 224 from I-680 N On Ramp to I-680 N Off Ramp9ODOTmap 
US 224 from I-680 N Exit Ramp to Audubon Rd10293ODOTmap 
SR 165 from Beaver Springfield Rd to Pine Lake Rd10423ODOTmap 
Doral Dr from South Ave to Tiffany Blvd11Boardman Townshipmapreport
US 224 from Southern Blvd to Tanglewood Dr12ODOTmapreport
US 224 from Pheasant Dr to W Golf Dr1234ODOTmapreport
Mahoning Ave from Viall Rd to N Raccoon Rd12Mahoning Countymapreport
Mahoning Ave from Wilcox Rd to Fitch Blvd12Mahoning Countymapreport
South Ave from US 224 to Trailwood Dr13Mahoning Countymapreport
US 224 from Westford Pl to Seville Dr14158, 497, 498ODOTmapreport
Tiffany Blvd from US 224 to Doral Dr15Boardman Townshipmapreport
US 224 (17.85 - 17.95)4ODOT

I-80 (1.85 - 1.95)6ODOT

I-76 (20.01 - 20.11)11OTC

I-76 (6.16 - 6.26)39OTC

US 224 (16.66 - 16.76)52ODOT

I-76 (6.26 - 6.36)68OTC

US 224 (13.48 - 13.58)75ODOT

Trumbull Segments

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Name of LocationLocal RankState RankMaintaining Authority

SR 46 from SR 82 to Mall River Rd145ODOTmapreport
SR 45 from Folsom St to Educational Hw2ODOTmapreport
US 422 from Shaker Blvd to Frederick Ave3City of Nilesmapreport
US 422 from TRU Co Border to Phalanx Mills Herner Rd NW485ODOTmapreport
SR 193 from SR 304 to Naylor Lloyd Rd (2.075-2.762)4?mapreport
Tibbetts Wick Rd from Oakwood St to Shannon Rd5Trumbull Countymap 
East Market St from North Rd to SR 82 Ramp (3.191-3.346)6?mapreport
Elm Rd NE from North River Rd to Blair Dr NE6Trumbull Countymapreport
SR 5 from Millennium Blvd to Burnett Dr6336ODOTmapreport
SR 5 from Ridge Rd NE to SR 887ODOTmapreport
SR 46 from Dawson Dr SE to Kenyon Dr SE8ODOTmap 
SR 305 from Durst Clagg Rd to Hoagland Blackstub Rd9ODOTmapreport
SR 46 from Washington Ave to Vienna Rd10492City of Nilesmap 
SR 5 from 1-80 E Ramp to Ravenna Warren Rd10?mapreport
SR 193 from Hazelwood Dr to Laurel St11ODOTmapreport
US 422 from Difford Dr to Gypsy Ln12City of Nilesmapreport
SR 46 from Mines Rd SE to Old Orchard Dr SE12ODOTmapreport
SR 46 from Tobin Ln to SR 30513ODOTmapreport
US 422 from Parkman Rd to Champion Twp14?map 
SR 193 from I-80 W Ramp to SR 304 (1.972-2.075)1483?mapreport
SR 87 from Noble Ln to Cemetery Rd15ODOTmapreport
SR 46 (7.75 - 7.85)21ODOT

SR 46 (7.69 - 7.79)22ODOT

Mahoning Intersections

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Name of LocationLocal RankState RankMaintaining Authority

US 224 @ South Ave123ODOTmapreport
US 224 @ SR 724ODOTmapreport
US 224 @ Applewood Blvd3202ODOTmapreport
SR 46 @ Mahoning Ave47ODOTmapreport
New Rd @ S Raccoon Rd5Mahoning Countymapreport
US 224 @ Tiffany Blvd6ODOTmapreport
South Ave @ Doral Dr7Mahoning Countymapreport
SR 7 @ E Western Reserve Rd8101ODOTmapreport
US 224 @ Ironwood Blvd962ODOTmapreport
Indianola Rd @ South Ave10Mahoning Countymapreport
SR 625 @ Southern Blvd11City of Youngstownmapreport
SR 193 @ Gypsy Ln12ODOTmapreport
South Ave @ Mathews Rd13Mahoning Countymapreport
South Ave @ McClurg Rd14Mahoning Countymapreport
Mahoning Ave @ Raccoon Rd15Mahoning Countymapreport
SR-7 (Market St) at SR-164 (South Ave)4ODOT

US-224 (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at SR-62524ODOT

US-224 (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at CR-135 (Glenwood Ave)32ODOT

US-224 (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at CR-155 (Southern Blvd)33ODOT

US-224 (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at TR-2337 (Bristol Dr)49ODOT

US-224 (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at TR-1957 (Marinthana Ave)55ODOT

US-224 (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at TR-2645 (Bridge Dr)57ODOT

SR-164 (South Ave) at SR-62659ODOT

SR-46 (N Canfield-Niles Rd) at CR-105 (Ohltown Rd)65ODOT

SR-164 (South Ave) at CR-28 (W Middletown Rd)78ODOT

US-224R (Boardman-Canfield Rd) at TR-1549 (Trenholm Rd)80ODOT

Trumbull Intersections

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Name of LocationLocal RankState RankMaintaining Authority

East Market St @ North Rd SE1City of Warrenmapreport
US 422 @ North Rd SE2387City of Nilesmapreport
US 422 @ SR 463290City of Nilesmapreport
US 422 @ SR 169 / Tibbetts Wick Rd4ODOTmapreport
SR 46 @ East Market St5100ODOTmapreport
SR 46 @ SR 82 EB Ramp6954ODOTmapreport
SR 169 @ Federal St7City of Nilesmapreport
Elm Rd NE @ North River Rd NE8Trumbull Countymapreport
US 422 @ SR 458City of Warrenmapreport
US 422 @ Johnny Cake Rd/Fredrick Ave9City of Nilesmapreport
US 422 @ Coit Ave NW10City of Warrenmapreport
SR 193 @ King Graves Rd NE11ODOTmapreport
US 422 @ North Leavitt Rd NW12City of Warrenmapreport
SR 7 @ SR 8212ODOTmapreport
US 422 @ Willard Ave SE12City of Warrenmapreport
SR 304 @ SR 19313181ODOTmapreport
SR 46 @ High St NE13ODOTmapreport
Larchmont Ave NE @ North River Rd NE13Trumbull Countymapreport
SR 46 @ Mines Rd SE13384ODOTmapreport
US 422 @ Niles Vienna Rd14City of Nilesmapreport
E Market St @ Laird Ave NE15City of Warrenmapreport
SR-82 at TR-155 (Howland Wilson Rd Se)20ODOT

SR-46 (Niles Cortland Rd S) at TR-1116 (Dawson Dr Se)30ODOT

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