Safe Routes to School

Expected 2025 Safe Routes to Schools application deadlines

    • School Travel Plan Development, December 31st, 2024
    • Safe Routes to School Application, March 1st, 2025      


Safe Routes to School

Ohio's Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program provides funding to support the development and implementation of projects and activities that enable and encourage children in grades K-8 to walk and bike to school. It can fund infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects and activities including up to 100% reimbursement for communities that need it the most. The program can provide non-infrastructure funding directly to schools, municipalities and other public agencies.

Eligible projects include:

  • Infrastructure. Eligible infrastructure projects include the planning, design and construction phases of projects that will improve the built environment for students to walk and bike to school which have been identified in a plan.
  • Non-Infrastructure. Eligible non-infrastructure projects include education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation activities which have been identified in a plan. Funding is intended to develop and implement plans, programs and policies, and to create a culture that supports walking and biking to school which can be sustained past the availability of SRTS funding.
  • School Travel Plan (STP) Development. Eligible plan development support is ODOT consultant assistance or reimbursed funding for a locally-selected consultant to help a community develop its school travel plan.

SRTS Planning Tool

You can use this tool to select the school you are interested in viewing from the dropdown list on the right-hand side. The map and charts will then display pedestrian and bicycle crash data within 2 miles of the school over the last 5 years.